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When a party fails to comply.

If the originating process does not state an address for service, it shall not be accepted and if any such address is illusory, fictitious or misleading the process may be set aside by a Judge on the application of the defendant.

Gstatute election decree to another judge? Appellant to be present when additional evidence is taken. Decisions of state High Courts and of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory can be appealed to a federal court of appeal, and from there to a federal Supreme Court, which is the final appellate court. Whether Exh A was properly relied upon and applicable.

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COURT MAY ORDER SEPERATE TRIALS, ETC. Failure of judicature to in nigeria remains subsisting binding. It is one of the most fundamental doctrines of all Courts. Subject of federal public in summons and documents may be liable to the account any place on such time allowed to the wrong statute or offer made by. The Gambia Court of Appeal Rules prescribe how the grounds ofappeal should be drawn.

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When judgment debtor is a paid employee. IN THE NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL COURT OF NIGERIA IN THE LAGOS. DAY TO BE SPECIFIED. Generally speaking, civil proceedings may be commenced in the High Court by writ of summons, originating summons, originating motion or petition.

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The Court or a Judge in Chambers by such other method of service as the Court or Judge in Chambers may otherwise direct.

Where contemnor is not a natural person. Students should have samples of subpoenas and witness summons. The degree of certainty or Conviction that a fact exist is higher with knowledge, so that a person with full knowledge of the existence of a fact can rebutably be presumed to have believed in its existence.

Both are predicated on ground of appeal No. Respondent entitled to reasonable cost on dismissed appeal. Substituted service of a document in relation to which an order is made under this rule is effected by taking such steps as the Court may direct to bring the document to the notice of the person to be served.